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Band Aid Arm Lift

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Age, heredity and weight fluctuations can all cause patients to develop sagging excess skin below the upper arm, making them feel self-conscious about their appearance. While diet and exercise may be able to eliminate excess fat in this area, it will not allow the skin to regain its elasticity.  A traditional arm lift (or brachioplasty) procedure can tighten the skin under the arm while also removing excess fat, but patients who only have smaller amounts of excess skin can benefit from Dr. John LeRoy’s original Band Aid Brachioplasty.

The Procedure

Like the other procedures in Dr. LeRoy’s exclusive line of Band Aid plastic surgeries, Band Aid Brachioplasty can be performed in-office with gentle numbing rather than general anesthesia. Using an incision of minimal size, Dr. John LeRoy can remove lax, sagging skin and give the upper arm a sleek and contoured shape with less recovery time than a traditional brachioplasty requires. If necessary, Band Aid Liposuction can be performed alongside a Band Aid Brachioplasty for patients who also have a minimal amount of excess fat to remove from the upper arm.

As with any plastic surgery procedure, Band Aid Brachioplasty can result in a scar. However, Dr. LeRoy’s precise and skillful techniques allow him to make the incisions as discrete as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions about Band Aid Brachioplasty

What kind of scarring can I expect from a Band Aid Brachioplasty?
A Band Aid Arm Lift results in less scarring than a traditional brachioplasty. While the location and size of the incision depends on the amount and location of the excess skin, whenever possible, Dr. LeRoy positions the incision within the natural creases of the armpit area. At your consultation, Dr. LeRoy will examine your upper arms and determine what type of incision will be needed to achieve your cosmetic goals.

What is the difference between a traditional arm lift and a Band Aid Arm Lift?
The Band Aid Arm Lift was developed by Dr. John LeRoy as a minimally invasive version of the traditional brachioplasty. Band Aid Brachioplasty is performed in our comfortable office setting with gentle numbing. While a Band Aid Arm Lift is only appropriate for patients with small amounts of lax skin, the procedure carries a lower cost and less recovery time than the more comprehensive surgery.

Can Band Aid Brachioplasty be combined with any other procedures?
Many patients who need an arm lift because of extreme weight loss also have excess skin on other areas of the body. While the patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic needs determine whether the procedures can be performed at the same time, Band Aid Arm Lift patients can sometimes benefit from a Band Aid Tummy Tuck as well if the extreme weight loss occurred throughout the body.


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While it is important to research your surgical options before making a decision, the only way to know which cosmetic procedures can achieve your aesthetic goals is to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon. To learn more about whether a Band Aid Brachioplasty can give you more slender arms and help you embrace your most confident and beautiful self, schedule a consultation with Dr. LeRoy.

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