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Tips for Healing from a Band Aid Facelift

Before plastic surgery, most patients have developed a trust for their surgeon and a confidence in their expert opinion, and this is certainly a part of the equation for achieving the best possible results. But surgery actually involves some teamwork as well. There are many measures you can take both before and after the procedure to help your healing process go more smoothly, and for patients receiving the Band Aid Facelift, our most popular procedures at the office of Dr. John L. LeRoy, the tips below can improve your recovery, which will affect both your overall experience and your long-term results.

  • womanFollow all pre- and post-surgical instructions closely. This can involve activity restrictions, cool compresses, incision care, and more. These will be based on your unique case, and this is priority #1 when it comes to improving your surgical results and safety.
  • Stop smoking. We require that patients do not smoke for two weeks before surgery and two weeks after surgery, but beyond hindering your ability to heal, smoking can also accelerate the aging process and weaken your final results, so it’s ideal to stop smoking permanently.
  • Don’t take any medications your surgeon hasn’t advised you to take. Ask about all prescription and over-the-counter medications (including vitamins and herbal supplements) beforehand and follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully, because some seemingly harmless medicines and supplements can have dangerous effects.
  • Sleep and rest at an incline. Keep your head higher than your heart at all times, keeping your neck extended whenever possible and sleeping at a 30-45 degree angle as instructed after your Band Aid Mini Facelift. A wedge pillow has made this easier for many patients.
  • Rest the area. Most patients are limited to clear liquids for 24 hours, but it’s also important to keep chewing and talking to a minimum while you heal, and to avoid using a straw.
  • Refrain from drinking caffeine or alcohol based on your specific instructions and your pain medication requirements.
  • Keep all your follow-up appointments and stay in communication with the doctor’s office. Every patient heals in their own way, and post-operative exams are the only way for a surgeon to know if you’re recovering well.
  • Step up you sun protection. All incisions and scars should be thoroughly protected with broad-spectrum sunscreen for at least 6 weeks, but wearing and consistently reapplying sunscreen every day can also help your plastic surgery results last longer, because sun damage can accelerate aging.
  • Follow your instructions regarding caring for your incisions. It may be a good idea to have a handheld mirror and hair clamps or pins on hand, as these can be helpful in seeing and dressing your incisions or applying ointments as directed.
  • Have a support system at home. Not only is it important to have someone at home for a few days to help you avoid straining your body, but it’s also helpful to have an emotional support system of people who can calm your nerves and help you through your recovery.
  • Be patient. It takes time for swelling and bruising to subside and to see your final results, and stress can hinder your healing process, so relax and give your body the time it needs to recover.
  • Plan ahead. During your pre-surgical consultation, we’ll discuss exactly what you should expect throughout your recovery and how you should prepare ahead of time to make the process easier.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who is qualified and experienced and who makes you feel comfortable with the process is an important way to ensure that you’ll receive the best possible results, but it’s only one step of the process. Schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John LeRoy, to discuss your needs and how the tips above can apply to your specific case.

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At the office of Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. John L. LeRoy, we’re honored to be able to make a difference in the Atlanta area by helping patients become happier and more confident in their appearance. But we want to contribute to the community by helping other fellow residents as well – not just plastic surgery patients. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to our next social media charity contest of 2016! We’re ready to award a $1,000 donation to a Georgia-based charity, and we need your help to choose one.

persue your passionHow can I nominate my favorite charity?

During the first phase of our contest, we’ll be accepting nominations from anyone and everyone who visits our Facebook page, and the deadline is Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 5pm. A nomination takes just a few seconds to submit, and here’s how:

  1. Visit the John LeRoy Facebook page and click “Like” toward the top (if you haven’t already).
  2. Find the post at the top inviting you to enter the contest.
  3. Comment on the post with the name of the charity you’d like to nominate, as well as a short explanation (no more than 50 words) about why they’ve earned your nomination.

It may only take you a few seconds, but it could allow your charity to receive enough funds to serve even more citizens in need. After all the nominations have been received, you’ll be able to vote for a winning charity between Monday, May 2nd and Friday, May 13th, 2016.

What charities are eligible to be nominated?

We’re happy to donate to a wide variety of charities, whether they work with those in poverty, those with illnesses, abused or homeless animals, and more. All nominations just need to adhere to these requirements:

  • The charity must hold a 501(c)(3) non-profit distinction or be a valid and charitable crowdfunding page.
  • The charity must be in Georgia.
  • The nominator must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Each nominator may only nominate one charity.
  • The charity must contribute to a greater good, identifiable through a published mission statement.
  • The charity may not be a previous charity contest winner (recent winners include The Mastocytosis Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Atlanta Humane Society, and Atlanta S.E.E.D.s).

Our quarterly charity contests not only help us make a difference in the lives of our fellow Atlantans, but also show us the many exceptional charities working toward this same goal. We look forward to teaming up with you to provide much-needed funding to another deserving local organization. For more information about our plastic surgery offices and the services we provide, explore our website or schedule a consultation with Dr. John LeRoy.

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Meet My Band Aid Mini Facelift Patients

For many patients who are exploring their options for plastic surgery to restore a more youthful appearance, my Band Aid Facelift can be an ideal option – it’s minimally invasive and offers a shortened recovery time while providing natural-looking results with minimal scarring. “But,” many wonder, “what do other patients have to say about their experience?” While every surgery is unique, you can learn a lot by hearing from patients who have had a similar procedure from the same plastic surgeon. Fortunately, many of my Band Aid Facelift patients are generous enough to share their thoughts.


Like many others, Mary began her plastic surgery journey by researching the surgeons and procedures available, and she made the choice to visit me about a Band Aid Mini Facelift partially based on the recommendations of my other past patients. Three months after her surgery, she was kind enough to offer her thoughts about her experience as well as how she feels about her results.


Joe is a perfect example of how the Band Aid Facelift can work so well with the other minimally invasive surgeries I’ve designed, like the Band Aid Brow Lift or Band Aid Liposuction. In this case, as he explains in his video, he was a great candidate for a Band Aid Facelift combined with Band Aid Eyelid Surgery to remove “bags under the eyes.” Joe says he sees a ten-year age difference when he looks in the mirror, and he’s also a perfect example of how diverse my patients are (plastic surgery isn’t just for the stereotypical wealthy middle-aged woman – it can help nearly anyone feel more confident).


While plastic surgery is elective and cosmetic, it’s still surgery, so it’s important that you take your time to do some research, ask questions, and choose both the surgeon and the procedure which makes you feel safe and comfortable. Looking for patient testimonials and before-and-after photos can be a helpful part of this process, but your most telling experience will be a personal consultation with your surgeon. To get started, contact my Atlanta office to schedule your consultation. For more helpful tips, follow me, Dr. John L. LeRoy, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes.

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