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Band Aid Facelift

bandaid facelift atlanta gaNot ready for a full face-lift procedure? Consider the “Band Aid” mini facelift performed exclusively by Atlanta facelift surgeon Dr. John Leroy since 1997. The mini facelift utilizes smaller incisions and has a significantly reduced recovery period. The “Band Aid” facelift reduces smile lines and gives you a refresh younger appearance.

The mini face lift, often called the “weekend facelift”, decreases signs of aging in areas of the face. The procedure is simpler than a standard facelift, and recovery time is significantly reduced. Mini facelift can be performed through a small incision under the chin, above the ears, or the nape of the neck. The different approaches target different “problems” in the face.

Introduction to the Band Aid Facelift“Many advantages that you will find with the Band-Aid facelift or Mini Facelift is something that was driven by my patients and that is they did not want to go through the long time of a regular facelift and did not want to go through the long recovery time, the bruising, the excess swelling, the longer incisions, so the Band-Aid Facelift that you kind of overcome those disadvantages.”

Mini facelift procedures carry fewer risks than traditional facelift procedures because they are less invasive; Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Facelift can be performed in-office with gentle numbing instead of general anesthesia. For patients looking for a quick and subtle change, mini facelifts carry great appeal.

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