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Brow Lift Surgery

Dr. LeRoy’s “Band Aid Brow Lift”

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Similar to Dr. LeRoy’s popular and originally developed Band Aid Facelift is the Band Aid Brow Lift. A less invasive alternative to a traditional browlift (also known as forehead lift), the Band Aid Brow Lift works to lift excess sagging or drooping skin around your eyes and give your eyebrow a more youthful, attractive, arched shape.  Like Dr. LeRoy’s other “Band Aid” procedures, the Band Aid Brow Lift can be performed while you are awake, in the office, and only requires local anesthesia.  Band Aid procedures, like the Band Aid Brow Lift, are cost effective, minimally invasive alternatives to traditional surgical procedures.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic browlift procedure requires a few small incisions. Atlanta browlift surgeon Dr. LeRoy views the underlying surgical areas through the use of an endoscope. This tool, about the size of a pencil, is attached to a monitor.

Endoscopic browlift patients in Atlanta should expect swelling in the weeks after surgery and itchiness along the incision line as the skin begins to heal. On average,endoscopic browlift patients should be able to return to work five to ten days after surgery and have full results within a month.

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