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Eyelid Surgery

eyelid surgery blepharoplasty in atlanta ga

Eyelid surgery, or “blepharoplasty,” is a procedure that restores an alert and rested appearance to the eyes by removing excess skin and fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids. The procedure is relatively simple and scarring is minimal. Many patients at our Atlanta office choose eyelid surgery because of its effective yet subtle results. Patients look younger, more alert, and more cheerful, without looking as though they’ve had surgery. For total eye rejuvenation, patients often combine blepharoplasty with laser skin resurfacing – to lighten dark circles – and brow lifts – to raise eyebrows and smooth the skin on the forehead.

The Procedure

Eyelid surgery is normally performed on an outpatient basis and the entire procedure takes less than two hours. Lower blepharoplasty involves removed excess skin and fat deposits that create the appearance of “bags under the eyes.” Upper blepharoplasty, on the other hand, gives patients a refreshed appearance by removing sagging skin that gives the upper eyelids a “hooded” appearance.

Atlanta eyelid surgery patients should expect to spend a few days following surgery resting and limiting physical activities. Within five to ten days, most eyelid surgery patients are able to return to work, and within four weeks, most or all of the swelling and bruising will have subsided. Eyelid surgery is considered a safe procedure when performed by a qualified eyelid surgeon, but the recovery process must be closely monitored in case of any complications. Scars along incision lines may remain pink during the months following surgery, but over time they will fade and become virtually imperceptible. For some lower blepharoplasty patients, the incision can be made inside the eyelid itself, leaving no visible scarring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimally-invasive option for patients who want natural-looking results without the downtime of a traditional surgery?

Yes. Dr. John LeRoy has developed an exclusive line of “Band Aid” plastic surgery procedures, including Band Aid Blepharoplasty. This minimally-invasive eyelid surgery is performed in-office with gentle numbing and requires less recovery time than a traditional plastic surgery procedure.

What causes the upper eyelids to have a “hooded” appearance?

While some patients’ eyelids have this appearance naturally, as we age, the skin of our eyebrow and eyelid area begins to lose firmness and sag. Even a small amount of sagging can give the appearance of a “hood” above the eyes, making the patient look less youthful and rested.

Will eyelid surgery make other areas of my face look younger?

Blepharoplasty is designed to target signs of aging around the eyes, but in many cases, patients can choose to have multiple rejuvenating procedures at the same time. Eyelid surgery can often be combined with a Band Aid Facelift or a necklift depending on the patient’s unique medical and aesthetic needs.


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