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Ask Dr. John LeRoy: What Can I Expect in a Liposuction Consultation?

Liposuction uses a tumescent fluid and vacuum-like suction to remove unwanted fat through cannulas. Often Dr. John L. LeRoy sees patients with excess fat in areas such as arms, legs, thighs, love handles (flanks), abdomen, hips, back, and buttocks that pursue liposuction, making it a very diverse procedure that varies from patient to patient. During a liposuction consultation, Dr. LeRoy explains the procedural process and expected recovery in depth.

liposuction consultation in atlanta gaFirstly, Dr. LeRoy encourages patients to thoroughly research their chosen surgeon’s board certifications, before and after galleries, and patient testimonials while preparing for their pre-surgical consultations. Coming to your consultation with important questions can help ensure that you are in the care of a fully-educated doctor who emphasizes patient care. Equally important during this initial meeting is the surgeon’s ability to properly gauge the goals and expectations of the patients’ results to determine if the sought-after procedure is actually right for them.  Additionally, Dr. LeRoy discusses family medical history and lifestyle in order to properly discern mental and physical surgical preparation while priming his team for your individual case.

One of Dr. LeRoy’s main priorities during consultations is patient education. For this reason, he sets aside enough time for each consultation to address any concerns and thoroughly advise the risks, recovery time, benefits, and costs of your cosmetic surgery procedure. Dr. LeRoy shows you before and after photos, detailing the steps needed to achieve your desired look based on feedback and current physical appearance. Additionally, he takes the time to explain the methods of liposuction so that you do not feel uninformed or left out of the surgical process.

Patients with only a small amount of excess fat in areas like knees, saddlebags, under the chin, abdomen and hips may benefit from Band Aid Liposuction, which was developed by Dr. LeRoy, who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons. Each procedure in his Band Aid menu is performed in-office with gentle numbing (local anesthesia).

To learn more about liposuction from Dr. LeRoy or to schedule your consultation to determine which procedure will best meet your cosmetic needs, call our office today.  Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and Google + for the latest plastic surgery updates.

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