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Ask Dr. LeRoy: “When Should I Get Laser Skin Resurfacing?”

Many cosmetic procedures come with an associated recommended age at which they should be performed. For example, many people begin facial injections as early as their twenties and thirties, while facelifts are often sought after following the forty year mark. However, when it comes to Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing, there is not an exactly pinpointed age as being more beneficial than another. Rather, as a double board-certified plastic surgeon, I like to assess the extent of the signs of aging present as well as your history of other cosmetic procedures when determining if Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing is right for you.

laser resurfacing in atlanta gaIf you’ve already had a cosmetic procedure, Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing is an opportunity to restore a more youthful appearance and maintain your original results.  With the controlled power of DOT fractionated CO2 laser technology, this treatment produces microscopic perforations on the skin’s surface. From here, the body’s natural healing responses work to create fresh, new cells.  This sequence encourages the skin’s capability of producing collagen, the structural fiber that provides the supple, even tone that often accompanies young skin.

Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing is not to be mistaken as being the same as traditional laser technology. Its Band Aid alternative not only uses a less comprehensive energy source, but also can produce visible cosmetic improvement in skin tone, surface texture, and evenness within a single treatment.  Similar to my other Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures, Laser Skin Resurfacing is completed in-office with gentle numbing.

Whether my patients are receiving minimally-invasive treatments or a traditional facelift, I consistently recommend wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen every day (even going into cooler fall and winter seasons), abstaining from smoking and staying well hydrated to protect the skin and decelerate signs of aging.  To learn more about how you can maintain your plastic surgery results with the cosmetic procedures I perform, contact us to schedule your consultation.   Be sure to also connect with me, Dr. John L. LeRoy, on FacebookTwitter, and Google + for the latest plastic and cosmetic surgery news.

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