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Band Aid Procedures Featured in Atlanta Magazine

Throughout my years as a plastic surgeon, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my patients and helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. My relationship with my patients also helped me to identify a need that wasn’t always being met: the need for minimally-invasive versions of traditional plastic surgery procedures. As a result, I developed my line of Band Aid procedures.

plastic surgeon atlantaBand Aid procedures, like the Band Aid Facelift and Band Aid Blepharoplasty, are essentially “mini” versions of their more comprehensive counterparts, because they use minimally-invasive techniques and can be performed in-office with gentle numbing. For instance, my Band Aid Tummy Tuck targets a smaller area of the abdomen that needs attention, so rather than removing fat and skin across the entire tummy, it requires a much smaller incision than a traditional tummy tuck. Each of these Band Aid procedures can be performed in-office using gentle numbing.

Of all the procedures that I offer, I am best known for my Band Aid procedures. For many of my patients, Band Aid plastic surgery not only gives them safer and more natural-looking results, but in fact allows them to access plastic surgery when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Depending on the surgery itself and the patient’s unique needs and goals, some plastic surgery procedures can be too much of a commitment for a patient. For example, a mother with three small children may be able to improve her self-confidence with liposuction to remove a small amount of fat on her hips, but cannot dedicate the downtime she needs in order to fully recover. In her case, Band Aid Liposuction can give her a more desirable contour while being able to fit more easily into her life.

Every day, my goal is to help my patients be their most beautiful and confident selves, and being experienced in a wide variety of procedures helps me to provide each patient with the best possible care. To learn more about the procedures I offer and to see which fits best with your needs and aesthetic goals, explore my website and schedule a consultation to discuss you surgical and non-surgical options.

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