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CURE Childhood Cancer Wins $1,000 Charity Donation

In early May, we announced our special social media contest for double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy’s Facebook fans to share their favorite Georgia charities. To enter the contest, fans would simply have to tell us who their favorite charity was and, in true social media form, relay their mission in 50 words or less.  Specifically, they needed to share why they believed they could benefit from a $1,000 donation from Dr. LeRoy’s office.

Through Dr. LeRoy’s passion of providing beautiful, natural results to patients, he feels compelled to give back to his loyal community of patients. Given the amount of you that entered the contest, we are very grateful to have such a passionate patient base who values thoughtful community organizations with a vision.

The moving story of Angela and her family truly touched us upon reading it. Below, we’d like to share her submission for CURE Childhood Cancer:

“Both of my daughters, Camryn and Emily, have been diagnosed with cancer. My oldest daughter had neuroblastoma and my youngest just finished treatment for medulloblastoma, (malignant brain tumor). Both are cancer-free now, but more money definitely needs to go towards childhood cancer research. Of all money raised nationally for cancer research, only 3% goes towards children’s cancer research. There have basically been no new cancer-fighting drugs introduced for treatment of children in almost 30 years. No one should have to fight cancer but children are our future and more funding needs to be going towards saving their lives. Thank you for letting me share my cause.”

She also noted that CURE Childhood Cancer has an exceptionally high percentage of donated funds going directly to research. Dr. LeRoy’s patient community certainly agreed with the mission of the non-profit, as an overwhelming 81% of you supported the life-saving organization to win the donation.

We are proud to announce that CURE Childhood Cancer will receive a $1,000 donation from Dr. LeRoy. CURE Childhood Cancer’s mission is “dedicated to conquering childhood cancer through funding targeted research and through support of patients and their families.”  The 501(c)(3) organization was started in 1975 by Emory University’s first pediatric oncologist, Dr. Abdel Ragab. Today, CURE holds many events each year, such as percentage nights at local restaurants, to support cancer research and support their vision of seeing a cure for cancer in our lifetime.

Thank you to all who entered the contest! We hope to hold another contest to provide this opportunity later this year. To keep up with future contests and events from Dr. LeRoy, be sure to connect with Dr. LeRoy on FacebookTwitter, and Google +.

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