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Dr. LeRoy Expands on Minimally Invasive ‘Band Aid’ Procedures to Offer Band Aid Blepharoplasty

Years of mastering plastic surgery techniques, has led Dr. John LeRoy to develop a series of minimally invasive versions of traditional cosmetic surgery procedures. Starting with the popular Band Aid Facelift which he developed in 1997, Dr. LeRoy has expanded his list of minimally invasive options to offer Band Aid Lipo, Band Aid Brow Lift, and now an eyelid surgery coined Band Aid Blepharoplasty.

These Band Aid procedures are popular for their ability to rejuvenate and target very specific areas of the face and neck area through tiny incisions. They provide instant results, less recovery time, and lower costs compared to traditional versions of the cosmetic surgeries.

Like other Band Aid procedures, the goal of Dr. LeRoy’s Band-Aid Blepharoplasty is subtlety and naturalness. Like a traditional eyelid surgery procedure, excess fat pockets and sagging skin is targeted and removed from the upper and lower eyelids – resulting in a refreshed and youthful look around the eyes. Unlike traditional surgery though, Dr. LeRoy performs the Band-Aid Blepharoplasty operation in the office, using only gentle numbing (local anesthesia).

While Band-Aid Blepharoplasty makes an excellent option for patients beginning to see the signs of aging around the eye, it is important to schedule a consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon before electing a specific procedure.  To schedule a consultation with Dr. LeRoy, the only surgeon in the area to offer Band Aid procedures, call his office or visit his website.

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