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Dysports Love it or Leave it Pricing Special Extended Through September

Back in March, the makers of Dysport ® encouraged patients to try their product by challenging them to a “Love it or Leave it” special. After overwhelming success with over 90% choosing to “love it” – Dysport® is extending the special until September 30, 2010!

How it works, is that patients who wish to try Dysport® can receive a $75 rebate on their first injection (of 300 units). If they “Love it” and are happy with the results after 15 to 30 days, they can get an additional $75 rebate on their next Dysport® injection. If for some reason patients decide they are not happy with the product, they can “Leave It” and can be treated with another prescription botulinum toxin type A product.

The makers have also revised the DysportUSA.com website, to have fewer steps for patients to complete online in order to receive the rebate.

Dysport®, similar to Botox ®, is a wrinkle removing injectable that works by relaxing facial muscles. This softens existing wrinkles, fine lines, and furrows as well as prevents future wrinkles from forming.

So far, 49,000 patients have taken the challenge. If you want to join them, contact the office of Dr. John Leroy to make an appointment. And remember, you must receive your first injection by September 30 – so call today!

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