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Embrace the Beauty of Change: Band Aid Plastic Surgery Featured in September Issue of Atlanta Magazine

Though summer truly winds down in August in the South due to school starting early, September is when it truly begins to feel like fall. Autumn décor that’s been hiding in closets since last November comes back out to line our porches. Trees that seemed they’d remain luscious and green forever just a few months ago will soon begin changing colors. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, I embrace this type of change, applying it to my practice and encouraging my patients to as well.

After all, we all change over the years. We begin to see small lines crop up around the eyes as permanent reminders of our expressions over the years.  I firmly believe that plastic surgery does not have to make you look like a completely different person.  Rather, small procedures that tweak cosmetic concerns to help restore youthful confidence can actually make you look more like yourself.  Band Aid Plastic Surgery is an ideal way to do it without completely changing your appearance.  In this September’s issue of Atlanta Magazine, I’m sharing this message with others.

In this month’s issue, you’ll find a feature about my renowned Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures. In the advertisement, we featured a woman who perceptibly has no worries or anxiety regarding her appearance.  She exudes confidence and timeless beauty. With Band Aid Plastic Surgery treatments such as Band Aid Facelift, patients often feel this feeling of confidence and inner peace due to a renewed outer appearance. Worries of aging signs seem to diminish with minimally invasive versions of comprehensive plastic surgery procedures.

Change isn’t something to fear, it’s something to embrace. View the piece below to learn more about some of the procedures I perform to help you reflect on the remarkable qualities that make your unique appearance your own. To learn more about Band Aid cosmetic procedures, contact us to schedule your cosmetic consultation.  You can also learn more about my minimally invasive procedures by connecting with me, Dr. John LeRoy, on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

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