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Frequently Asked Questions about My Band Aid Tummy Tuck

dr john leroyQ.) A tummy tuck seems like a pretty comprehensive procedure. How can it possibly be minimally invasive?

A.) Yes, a traditional tummy tuck is a significant procedure, which is why I refined the comparable “mini” version for those patients who could benefit from a tummy tuck, but don’t necessarily need the full procedure. I use a different technique with the Band Aid version, only targeting the areas that need the most attention. This technique requires a shorter incision, and can therefore be performed in-office with local anesthesia.

Q.) What are the main differences in the Band Aid Tummy Tuck and the traditional tummy tuck?

A.) The incision for the Band Aid Tummy Tuck is significantly smaller than the incision required with the traditional procedure. Instead of excising fat and skin across the entire tummy, I focus solely on those areas that need attention. The most significant difference, though, is the shorter recovery time associated with the Band Aid Tummy Tuck.

Q.) Who is a good candidate for Band Aid Tummy Tuck?

A.) Similar to Band Aid Liposuction, a Band Aid Tummy Tuck is reserved for those patients who have excess skin and fat in the abdominal region, but do not have enough excess skin and fat to require the traditional abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Q.) I’ve been considering mommy makeover surgery because, despite being in good shape, my body doesn’t look like it will ever get back to what it was before my pregnancy. I don’t know that I need a lot of work.  Are there any “mini” procedures that can meet my specific needs?

A.) Mommy makeover surgery is a great procedure that’s tailored to a patient’s specific needs. A typical Mommy Makeover Surgery may consist of a breast procedureliposuction, and a tummy tuck. Some Mommy Makeover candidates, who are in better physical shape, may only need Band Aid Liposuction or a Band Aid Tummy Tuck.  During consultation, I evaluate my patients and listen to their areas of concern to determine what procedure(s) will best meet their specific needs.

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