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Have you heard about Band Aid Liposuction?

john leroy mdLiposuction is a procedure that eliminates areas of excess, stubborn fat—meaning even with diet and exercise, and the best intentions, these isolated fat pockets don’t seem to budge. Liposuction can remove up to ten pounds of fat, but keep in mind that it is no substitute for a proper diet and regular exercise. It’s designed for people who eat healthfully and exercise, but need that extra push to achieve their goals. What about patients who only need a little push?

I enjoy this clientele because they are exactly who I had in mind developing Band Aid Liposuction. After years and years of trying, slimming down as best they could, candidates for Band Aid Liposuction still see these small, yet noticeable fat pockets that they cannot seem to decrease. While someone else may look at them and think they look great, they’re troubled by the excess fat.

Like many of my other Band Aid procedures, I can perform Band Aid Liposuction under local anesthesia right in my office. While larger areas with excess nerve endings cannot be treated with only local anesthesia, areas with small amounts of excess fat like the abdomen, under the chin, behind elbows, hips, “saddle bags” (outer thighs), and knees can be treated fairly quick in-office, with very little recovery time. Seeing the thrilled look on my patients’ faces is what drives me to continually refine these traditional procedures into minimally invasive, Band Aid procedures.

Some Band Aid Liposuction patients who are concerned with a little excess belly fat and sagging skin on their abdomen may benefit from pairing Band Aid Tummy Tuck with Band Aid Liposuction to remedy excess abdominal tissue. However, as with Band Aid Liposuction, candidates for this procedure must have only small amounts of excess tissue.

If you’re interested in learning about some of the other procedures I offer, take a look at the rest of my website. Also, find me on Facebook and Twitter for plastic surgery news and to connect with me personally.

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