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How do I know if I’m a candidate for Band Aid Tummy Tuck?

For many women, that stubborn “pooch” on the lower abdomen can be a major cosmetic concern.  Despite overall good health, regular exercise, and a healthy diet, that small amount of excess fat and lax skin just can’t be eliminated.  If this sounds like your problem area, then you may be an appropriate candidate for Band Aid Tummy Tuck.  Like Dr. LeRoy’s other original Band Aid plastic surgery procedures, Band Aid Tummy Tuck is performed in-office using gentle numbing and is designed to address very small, isolated areas of cosmetic concern.

While the convenience of a Band Aid Tummy Tuck may sound appealing, it’s important to realize that just as with any other surgical procedure, patients need to possess certain physical attributes and maintain realistic cosmetic expectations to be deemed good candidates for this minimally invasive plastic surgery procedure.  As we’ve written before, the area of the abdomen is a tricky one.

For many women who have had children, mini abdominoplasty or Band Aid Tummy Tuck may not be effective in producing the tummy tuck results they’re after because it may be a muscular issue.  During pregnancy and childbirth it’s not uncommon for the abdominal muscles to become stretched or even detached from their proper position along the abdominal wall.  To remedy this condition, traditional abdominoplasty by itself or as part of mommy makeover surgery is necessary to properly reattach the muscle and tighten the excess skin contributing to the unwanted pooching appearance.

During Band Aid Tummy Tuck surgery, Dr. LeRoy removes small amounts of excess tissue and refines the contour of the abdomen with liposuction.  Appropriate Band Aid Tummy Tuck patients are within 5-10 pounds of their ideal body weight with excess fat deposits and/or mild to moderately sagging skin confined to the area of the lower abdomen.  To determine if you are a more appropriate candidate for traditional or Band Aid tummy tuck, schedule your consultation by contacting our office.

To learn more about the body contouring procedures Dr. LeRoy performs, visit his website and continue to read his blog.  Connect with Dr. LeRoy on Twitter and Facebook for access to the latest plastic surgery news and special updates.

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