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How Do You Avoid Revisionary Plastic Surgery?

The most important thing to remember when contemplating plastic surgery is to do your research.  Before you even schedule a consultation, you should ensure that your perspective plastic surgeon is board certified.  Once you make sure he/she has the proper credentials, it’s important to properly prepare for your cosmetic surgery consultation.  Write down your questions and take them with you to your appointment.  Really analyze what you’re hoping to accomplish with plastic surgery and be able to communicate that with your surgeon so he/she can make sure you’re pursuing the surgical procedure that will deliver the cosmetic results you’re after.

Make sure you also request to view the plastic surgery results of your surgeon’s previous patients.  Whether you seek breast augmentation or facelift surgery, you should be sure that your surgeon can accomplish the cosmetic change you’re seeking.   Often, portions of a plastic surgeon’s website will contain patient testimonials where you can hear, in the patient’s own words, about their experiences.

To view some of Dr. LeRoy’s patient testimonials, before and after gallery, or gain more information about the plastic surgery procedures he offers visit the appropriate links above.

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