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John LeRoy, MD vs. Justin Bieber: The Twitter Pros Face-Off

Can an Atlanta plastic surgeon compete with a famous pop star in social media? Sounds a little crazy, but Dr. John LeRoy has had quite a reception on Twitter. Since its introduction in 2006, Twitter has grown at an astonishing rate with millions of tweets posted daily.  Besides the volume of posts, the number of individuals people follow on Twitter is also rising.

 The name Justin Bieber is constantly discussed in regards to Twitter, and he has become the most followed person within the last year.  Averaging 11,000 new followers per day, Beiber has over 5 million followers to date. In admirable comparison Dr. LeRoy, or @JohnLLeRoyJrMD as his followers know him, has garnered over 50,000 “followers.”

While the pop prince uses his account to keep his adoring fans in the know about his every move, Dr. LeRoy prefers the site to keep his patients and peers up to date with interesting plastic surgery news.  Dr. LeRoy likes the expansive reach of the site, and appreciates that patients are so interested in learning more about their prospective procedures.
 LeRoy shared, “Cosmetic surgery is still surgery, and knowledge is still power.  If I can help spread information on plastic surgery procedures to others, my patients or not, I feel it helps patients make the best choices for their health.”

While Bieber and LeRoy cannot be rigorously compared for obvious reasons, take a moment to think about this: Justin Bieber is a highly recognized teenage heart-throb. Dr. LeRoy is a cosmetic surgeon from Atlanta who is well-known in his field by both patients and peers.  The fact that people are just as interested in learning about medical news, like Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Procedures, as they are in learning about Beiber’s concert schedule speaks pretty highly of how Americans value their health. 

Want to help Dr. LeRoy in his quest for the most followers on Twitter? Follow him on Twitter and continue to read his blog.

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