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Muscle Matters: Similarity Between Mommy Makeover Surgery and the Band Aid Facelift

“Droopy” is not an adjective people enjoy associating with the appearance of their bodies.  However, Atlanta plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. John LeRoy hears the word a lot from mommy makeover surgery and Band Aid “mini” Facelift patients describing sagging skin of their aging faces and post child birth bodies.  While many Atlanta, GA cosmetic surgery patients think the problem is skin or fat related, Dr. LeRoy reiterates that often, the source of these cosmetic concerns starts at the core:  muscles.

Women who have had children, and exercise regularly, come to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy thinking they need liposuction to remedy the “fat” they see on their lower abdomen.  Often, many of these mom’s don’t have excess fat on their stomachs, but muscle separation which creates a “pooch” appearance.

A medical condition known as diastasis recti, muscle separation occurs during 1/3 of all pregnancies when a mother’s abdominal muscles can’t support the rapid expansion of her stretching uterus.  The rectus abdominis, or girdle like muscles of the torso begin to thin, stretch, and move slowly outward as the expanding baby pushes forth.  The protrusion remains after birth, and cannot be fixed with exercise: only by retacking the muscles in their proper vertical position using tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty).

As detailed in his previous blog about “mini facelift” procedures, Dr. LeRoy describes the distinctive process involved in Band Aid Facelift surgery:  carefully maneuvering lax facial muscles to restore a tighter, younger looking facial musculature.  Unlike many traditional, full facelift procedures which can carry the risk of producing results that look overdone, the Band Aid Facelift rejuvenates the face without removing too much skin or creating a “stretched” appearance.

While not a substitute for regular exercise, or a health-centered skin care regime, cosmetic facial surgery and body procedures can address underlying issues contributing to unwanted, external signs of aging or past pregnancy.  To learn more about the cosmetic surgery procedures Dr. LeRoy performs, visit his website or subscribe to his newsletter.

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