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Not All Mini Facelifts Are Created Equal

Woman looking in mirrorDr. John LeRoy has performed over 2,600 traditional facelift and Band Aid Facelift procedures during his surgical career.  The procedure, known as a rhytidectomy, involves a plastic surgeon removing sagging skin on the face and neck, tightening underlying muscle, and relaying the tissue for a smoother, younger appearance.  The challenge with the facelift procedure is that, if a surgeon is not adequately experienced, a facelift can produce an over-corrected, unnatural appearance.

Realizing that there are additional factors besides experience that effect the results of a facelift, plastic surgeons began implementing “mini” (partial) facelift procedures that treated isolated areas of concern (i.e.- wrinkles on the brow with an upper facelift (browlift), sagging jowls with a lower facelift, etc.)  These mini procedures also made younger patients (i.e.- those in their 40’s and 50’s) eligible candidates for the procedure because their entire faces were not yet exhibiting the signs of aging – only certain areas.

These partial procedures also enticed patients with their smaller price tags. Some “mini” facelift procedures only require local anesthesia and abbreviated recovery time.  Patients however, need to be particularly cautious when selecting a plastic surgeon to perform a “mini” or partial facelift.  Though the goal and process of all “mini” facelift versions might sound similar, the true quality of its result depends on the surgeon’s experience and their attention to detail.

In 1997, Dr. LeRoy created his Band Aid Facelift in an attempt to distinguish not only the procedure, but also his meticulous technique.  Unlike some of the other similar sounding, cleverly named mini facelift procedures other Atlanta plastic surgeons offer, Dr. LeRoy carefully targets only the areas patients are concerned about.  This method, no matter the patient’s age, yields a natural looking rejuvenation.  Patients look like themselves, only younger.

To learn more about the cosmetic face, breast, and body procedures Dr. LeRoy performs visit his website or read his blog.

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