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Plastic Surgeons Reaching Patients with Social Media – What’s in it for You?

john leroy mdIf you’ve already connected with me on Facebook and Twitter, then the recent article from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons about plastic surgery patients benefitting from social media networks based on a social media study by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business probably comes as no surprise. Patient education is one of my top priorities as a plastic surgeon, so I use social media, my blog, and monthly e-newsletter to do so. Whether the information I provide benefits my patients or other surgeons’ patients, I believe that disseminating accurate information is vital to plastic surgery patient safety and allows individuals to make educated choices regarding their health.

With so much information about cosmetic surgery available online, both good and bad, I feel that it’s my job as a board certified plastic surgeon to distribute good, reliable information about plastic surgery. There are so many horror stories about botched plastic surgery and bargain botox, and while I do not want to scare perspective patients away, the possible risks associated with plastic surgery increase dramatically with inexperienced surgeons and fake injectable products that haven’t been approved by the FDA.

It is imperative to find a board certified plastic surgeon, and it’s also important to be leery of discounted plastic surgery, including the aforementioned injectable discounts. Although plastic surgeons and injectable manufacturers often offer discounts, if the discount seems too good to be true, it very well may be. If you’re suspicious of a steep discount, ask to see the injectable’s original packaging to ensure that it’s labeled with the products’ brand names (i.e. Botox®, Dysport®, Juvéderm®,  or Restylane®).

Aside from providing educational tools about plastic surgery, I also use my social media outlets to get to know patients better. Whether you’re having a procedure like a facelift or a breast reduction, it’s important for patients to feel comfortable with their plastic surgeon. Plus, reading my blog and newsletters give patients the opportunity to get to know me better too. I cover topics ranging from traditional plastic surgery, such as liposuction and rhinoplasty, to my original Band Aid procedures so that a variety of prospective and current patients may benefit.

I also use social media, blogs, and newsletters to let my patients know about the current specials I’m offering. For instance, patients can now save up to $100 on their next Dysport® treatment. Anyone who receives Dysport® injections through September 30th, 2011 can receive $50 by mail-in rebate, and patients who’ve received Botox® injections in the past three to twelve months who choose to try Dysport® before the end of September can receive an additional $50 by providing a copy of their itemized Botox® receipt with their mail-in rebate. By sharing such information on my Facebook and Twitter, patients can easily share the offers with their friends or others who may be interested.

Be sure to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already. Remember these outlets also provide the opportunity for you to tell me what you’re interested in, so reach out to me. Also be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter. For more information on the cosmetic procedures I perform, peruse my website or contact my office.

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