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Refresh Yourself: Band Aid Plastic Surgery Featured in November Issue of Atlanta Magazine

After months of sultry summer heat, it’s wonderful to step outside into a clear morning and breathe the cool, crisp air of early fall. The sun seems just slightly less powerful than it did last month, the days almost imperceptibly shorter. For me, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, the changing seasons are refreshing in part because they remind me of the different seasons of life: all different, but each beautiful in its own way. I try to stress this point to each of my patients.

facial plastic surgery atlanta gaAs early youth ripens into young adulthood, which blooms into middle age and eventually the golden years of senior adulthood, the face and body undergo significant changes. Eventually, they, too, could benefit from some refreshment. I believe that if you choose to undergo plastic surgery, you should do so with the goal of restoring the confidence of your younger self with procedures that freshen and enhance your physical beauty – not with the intention of dramatically altering your appearance. Band Aid Plastic Surgery is an excellent way to refresh your face and body without making drastic changes. In this month’s issue of Atlanta Magazine, I reach out to others with the same message.

My signature Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures are highlighted alongside an advertisement featuring a close-up photo of a serene, young-looking woman with her eyes closed. Even though only half of her face is visible, it is clear that her skin is virtually free of stress- and age-related lines and discoloration. She is at peace and comfortable with herself. With Band Aid Plastic Surgery procedures like Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing, you can experience renewed confidence in your appearance without harsh chemicals or lengthy, invasive surgeries.

Refresh your face and body with minimally invasive procedures. See the image below to learn a bit more about Band Aid cosmetic procedures and how they can gently correct signs of aging. I encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation or call 404-843-0840 if you are interested in exploring how Band Aid procedures can work for you. Find out more about other plastic surgery procedures by connecting with me, Dr. John LeRoy, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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