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Save on Non-Surgical Wrinkle Reduction during August

Summer vacations are a welcome change for most of us; however, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are not.  From July 30th through August 13th, patients can save up to $300 on Restylane® treatment with Dr. John LeRoy by purchasing treatment discount vouchers on giltcity.com.

A website that provides up to 75% off luxury goods and services to consumers in many major metropolitan areas, Gilt City is making Restylane® their next deal for Atlanta facial rejuvenation patients.  During the dates mentioned above, Gilt City members can log on to the site and purchase $49 vouchers (good for $100 of treatment credit) or $149 vouchers (good for $300 of Restylane® treatment credit).

Once you’ve purchase your desired vouchers, all you have to do is receive your Restylane® treatment before September 30th and receive your discount at the time of check out.  Those patients redeeming $100 credit vouchers must receive at least 1mL of Restylane®, but no more than 3mL.  Patients redeeming $300 credit vouchers must receive 2mLs of Restylane®, but no more than 6mL during treatment.  Only 3 vouchers may be used towards a single treatment purchase.

Restylane® is a highly popular injectable gel that can replump areas of lost volume and fill deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose (nasolabial folds).  Restylane® treatment consists of a few very short injections.  The average treatment time is typically 10-15 minutes and most patients report noticeable facial rejuvenation for six to nine months following the procedure.

To learn more about the injectable treatment like Dysport® and Juvéderm® that Dr. LeRoy offers, visit his website.  You can also connect with Dr. LeRoy on Facebook and Twitter for regular plastic surgery news updates.

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