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Save on Restylane This Spring

If all of the growth this season brings has you ready for facial rejuvenation, now is the perfect time to try Restylane® facial filler.  Dr. John LeRoy’s Atlanta facial filler patients who receive a minimum of one full syringe and maximum of three syringes of Restylane® before June 30, 2013 will qualify for a $25 mail-in rebate for each syringe purchased.  This special is good for a maximum of $75 (three $25 rebates) and may not apply to ½ syringes or any other injectable or filler besides Restylane®.restylane atlanta ga

To take advantage of these special Restylane® savings, patients need only to collect their treatment receipt and rebate submission form at the time of treatment(s) and mail in the requested paperwork as instructed.  Once the manufacturer receives the requested material, they will mail the patient an individual check.

Restylane® is a hyaluronic-based facial filler that attracts water molecules once injected into the skin to create longer-lasting facial and lip re-plumping results.  Most Restylane® patients notice visible improvement in their laugh, marionette, and lip lines for up to six months following one treatment.  This product may also be used to add volume to the lips in patients 21 years or older.

To schedule your Restylane® appointment with Dr. LeRoy and take advantage of this special offer, contact our office.  You can also connect with Dr. LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest cosmetic treatment updates.

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