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Save Some Green this St. Patrick’s Day

While it’s a celebration of Irish culture, the inclusiveness of St. Patrick’s Day allows everyone to get in on the fun. Amongst the green beverages and shamrock décor is an opportunity for all of us to simply put aside the stressors of everyday life and enjoy each other’s company. In honor of the upcoming holiday, at my plastic surgery office in Atlanta, I am proud to offer some exciting discounts on several facial rejuvenation options.

plastic surgery discountsBand Aid Micro Mini Facelift

As a plastic surgeon who specializes in face lifts and other facial revitalization procedures, part of my aesthetic philosophy is to only do as much as each patient needs to make them feel confident in their appearance. That’s how I keep my patients looking natural and looking “like themselves” while taking five or ten years off their age (or more). The Band Aid Micro Mini Facelift is a minimally invasive surgery I developed as part of this approach. It’s performed in-office using gentle numbing, so there’s no general anesthesia to recover from and scarring is minimal and discreet. It’s designed primarily for patients who have had a facelift three to four years ago and now want to address the aging that has happened since then. But the best part is that it involves just half the recovery time and half the cost of even my Band Aid Mini Facelift.

Band Aid Skin Tightening

Contrary to what most people believe, plastic surgery isn’t the only way to lift aging skin. If you have minimal sagging and simply want some firming to treat the early signs of aging, my Band Aid Skin Tightening may be a perfect option. It’s entirely non-invasive, which means it won’t break the skin. Instead, it uses controlled warmth that targets the deeper layers of the skin and causes your body to produce collagen—the protein that makes young skin firm, strong, and smooth. Most patients see optimal results after five treatments, and this month, you can save on your five-treatment package.

Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing

It seems as if lasers have been used to treat every medical or cosmetic issue, from wrinkles to unwanted hair. The Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing I perform focuses not only on wrinkles but also on other signs of aging and cosmetic concerns, like age spots, fine lines, acne scars (or other types of scars), and more. As part of my Band Aid line of minimally invasive procedures, this treatment uses a specialized laser called DOT Therapy™, which uses the latest techniques to offer the least recovery time available for a comprehensive level of improvement.

Most of my patients have been unhappy with their appearance for a long time before they come to my office, and sometimes, there was just one little push they needed to finally do something about it. This push may be an upcoming special occasion, or extra time off work, or even a savings opportunity like my March discounts. But whatever it is that brings you in, I look forward to helping you be your most confident and beautiful self. To get started, schedule a facial rejuvenation consultation today. Or, for more anti-aging tips and cosmetic surgery information, join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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