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Tips for Having a Band Aid Mini Facelift During the Summer

For many men and women in the Atlanta area, my minimally invasive Band Aid Mini Facelift offers the opportunity to restore a more youthful appearance they can feel confident in without the extensive downtime and costs of a more comprehensive facelift. Still, there are considerations to keep in mind when you’re planning the timing and other details of your plastic surgery. This time of the year, many of my patients are preparing for family vacations, special events, and other fun occasions over the summer, so below are some tips for coordinating your Band Aid Facelift with your summer plans.

  • Tips for Having a Band Aid Mini Facelift During the SummerLeave yourself plenty of time between surgery and any upcoming events. While my mini facelift involves a significantly shorter recovery period than a traditional facelift, remember that everyone’s body can respond differently, and it may take longer for your bruising and swelling to resolve than it does for others. Based on the details of your specific case (like your medical history, the extensiveness of your surgery, etc.), we can discuss an expected timeline and how far in advance you should schedule your procedure before any trips or occasions when you’ll want to look your best. Ideally, you should schedule a consultation as early as possible so we can plan ahead and select the ideal timing for your needs.
  • Be particularly cautious about sun protection. While sun exposure can always be unhealthy for your skin (especially if you want to preserve a more youthful look, because the sun accelerates the aging process), it’s especially concerning for your surgical scars. New scars are particularly vulnerable to sun damage, and it can cause them to permanently darken and look more prominent. In general, we recommend that patients are diligent with their sunblock for at least six weeks after plastic surgery.
  • Stay in the air conditioning during your recovery. Whether you’re a fan of the Hotlanta heat or not, it’s important to keep your body comfortable while you heal. Particularly after a facelift, anything which causes your face to flush and become red is causing an increase in blood flow to your head, and this can contribute to swelling. A good guideline is to avoid anything which makes your face flush, including heat, exercise, and alcohol.
  • Arrange for child care ahead of time. If you’re a parent with children who will be home for their school’s summer break and you won’t have a spouse at home during the day, it’s a good idea to have someone else take care of your children while you’re recovering. For plastic surgery patients, pushing yourself to be too active too soon after surgery (by running after children, for example) can make your body take longer to heal. Plus, if an emergency were to occur, you may not be able to drive due to pain medications, so it’s best to allow yourself to focus on your recovery by making other arrangements for the kids.

There are many factors which come together to make a cosmetic surgery successful, and planning ahead is one of the most valuable steps you can take toward getting safe and satisfying results. Allow yourself plenty of time to research your procedure, find the right board-certified plastic surgeon, and choose the ideal time in your personal calendar. To get started planning your cosmetic surgery, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John L. LeRoy. Or, for more helpful tips, join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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