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Vote for a Charity to Win a $1,000 Donation

At the plastic surgery office of Dr. John L. LeRoy, we’re thankful for the ability to spend every day working with our patients and helping them restore their confidence, so to give back to the community we’ve received so much support from, we hold multiple charity contests each year to find a deserving non-profit organization who can make good use of our $1,000 donation. We’ve been taking in your nominations over the past two weeks, and now the finalists have been selected and it’s time to cast your vote for the winner!

win $1000 for your favorite charityHow do I vote?

Nominations aren’t included in the final tally of votes, so even if you submitted a nomination, be sure to place your vote to give your charity the best opportunity to win! Simply visit our Facebook page and “Like” the page (if you haven’t in the past). You’ll see that the post on the top of our timeline invites you to vote, and you can simply click on the link in the post to cast your vote. While each person can only vote once, you will not be asked for any personal information and your selection will remain anonymous.

Who are the finalists?

We have a great selection of five finalists who are eligible for this season’s contest:

FurKids – With a mission of working toward ending pet overpopulation in Georgia, FurKids operates the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter for rescued cats in the Southeast, as well as a large no-kill shelter for dogs as well. FurKids rescues an average of 2,000 animals per year, from strays to pets removed from unfit homes to animals who had reached their last days at kill shelters. The organization also works to provide spaying and neutering services, as well as community education about pet overpopulation.

7 Bridges to Recovery – This charity serves the large population of homeless men, women, and children throughout Atlanta. By seeking out those in need under the bridges of the community, this organization offers food and religious ministry to people who are fighting for survival. In addition, 7 Bridges to Recovery also operates a year-long program for men and a home for women and children seeking shelter and religious fellowship.

The Mastocytosis Society – Mastocytosis is a rare condition which involves excess mast cells within either the skin or various organs throughout the body. Particularly in systemic mastocytosis (when the mast cells are in organs besides the skin), symptoms can be life-threatening and there is no known cure. For more than twenty years, The Mastocytosis Society has been dedicated to spreading awareness to patients and doctors alike about this condition, as well as working toward improved treatments and offering support to patients and their families.

Helping in His Name Ministries – Inability to purchase the food they need is a problem which plagues a number of families, senior citizens, and other members of our community. Operating in Henry County, Helping in His Name Ministries runs a food pantry which provides emergency assistance to individuals and families who don’t have the food they need, and also offers information about other agencies and resources to help these individuals with long-term solutions.

The PKD Foundation – Polycystic kidney disease, or PKD, is a genetic condition which causes cysts to form and grow within the kidneys, creating the possibility of life-threatening kidney failure. The PKD Foundation has spent the past 30 years improving the lives of PKD patients by funding research into the condition and potential treatments, educating the public and physicians alike, and providing needed support to those affected by PKD.

These organizations serve a wide variety of causes, and whether they’re focusing on our hometown needs or serving the nation as a whole, we look forward to helping one of these deserving charities continue their much-needed efforts. Remember to visit our Facebook page to place your vote. Or, for more information about us, explore our website or contact me, Dr. John LeRoy.

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