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What’s New at Dr. John LeRoy’s Office?

The medical field is always changing and improving, from life-saving new medicines to less invasive ways to perform existing procedures. At the office of double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy, there’s always something new happening as well. Here’s a quick snapshot to help you stay up-to-date:

  • New procedure: The Band Aid Micro Mini Facelift

What’s New at Dr. John LeRoy’s Office?Dr. LeRoy is already well-known for his Band Aid Facelift – a minimally invasive version of the much-loved but often extensive facelift which he developed and has performed more than 5,000 times in the past twenty years. This procedure focuses on natural-looking results with around half the recovery time and cost of a traditional facelift, and it’s performed in-office using gentle numbing. But Dr. LeRoy has now perfected an even lighter version of this surgery, called the Band Aid Micro Mini Facelift. As the latest in his innovative line of Band Aid procedures, this new option is ideal for patients who have already had a face lift or a Band Aid Facelift, and who want to freshen up their results by repairing the new aging that has taken place around three or four years after their surgery. For more details coming soon, keep an eye on our blog and follow Dr. John L. LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

  • LeRoy Featured in Atlanta Magazine

What’s New at Dr. John LeRoy’s Office?The October issue of Atlanta Magazine offers insight into Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid Mini Facelift—in particular, the natural results this surgery can achieve. The goal of a Band Aid Face Lift is subtle, incremental improvements to keep you looking your best without the need for the more extensive anesthesia and recovery time required from a traditional facelift. One advantage of these natural-looking results (and the minimized scarring that goes along with them) is that patients feel they have more discretion. They don’t experience the “windblown” or “overdone” look that makes their face lift obvious to everyone they see. In fact, many patients report being told, “something about you just looks brighter and refreshed, but I can’t figure out what it is.”

  • October Special Offers on Non-Surgical Facial Treatments

Our goal is to help every patient be their most confident and beautiful self, and the way we achieve this varies from patient to patient. For those who just need a smaller improvement, or those who have aesthetic concern which surgery doesn’t directly address (such as age spots and fine lines), our non-surgical options can be the perfect solution. This month, enjoy savings on two popular choices: Band Aid Skin Tightening (which uses controlled warmth to firm aging skin) and Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing (which sends tiny columns of light into your skin to activate the healing process and remove a number of surface imperfections).

Innovation can offer great benefits in any area, but it has a particularly powerful effect in a field like plastic surgery, where advancements have a direct impact on both a patient’s safety and their ability to feel confident about their appearance. To stay up-to-date on the latest news in plastic surgery (and from our office), follow us on social media. Or, if you’re ready to discuss what we can do for you, schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. John LeRoy.

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