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What’s the most common misconception about plastic surgery?

john leroyMany people think that plastic surgery is a to aging.  The fact is that the body continues to age after plastic surgery whether you have a traditional full facelift or a Band Aid facelift.  I like to suggest patients approach plastic surgery with a maintenance mind set.  Because bone and collagen weaken with maturity causing wrinkles and sagging skin, I often find that those patients who pursue facial plastic surgery earlier (when they start to notice cosmetic issues) are better able to obtain the enhancement they’re after because less dramatic measures are required.  This was actually one of the reasons I created my Band Aid plastic surgery procedures beginning with the Band Aid Facelift in 1997.

Band Aid Facelift, wrinkle reduction with injectables or facial fillers, and Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing are all effective options to address those starting marks of maturity.  Additionally, these procedures can give people who have previously undergone plastic surgery the rejuvenation they may need to return to their original post-surgery appearance.  While these procedures are certainly not a substitute for the dramatic results facelift, necklift, or browlift surgery can produce, they are accessible options for isolated issues like crow’s feet, sagging cheeks, and signs of sun damage.

Another important thing to understand about cosmetic procedures is that aging will continue to become visible after treatment if certain lifestyle factors aren’t addressed.  I urge all of my patients to regularly wear protective clothing and a broad spectrum sunscreen to keep their refreshed skin looking more youthful.  Smoking can also impact the way your body heals after facial plastic surgery and topical treatments like laser skin resurfacing.

I like to explain these things to my patients to allow them to better understand when facial rejuvenation is appropriate.  Seeing eventual need for additional Band Aid plastic surgery shouldn’t be seen as defeat, but as logically addressing the distinct issues that arise at varying ages to maximize the natural appearance of your plastic surgery results and optimize your long-term satisfaction.

To learn more about the Band Aid procedures and skin treatments I perform visit my website.  If you’re interested in pursuing cosmetic treatment, or would like to ask any questions, I invite you to contact my office and connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

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