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When is a Band Aid Plastic Surgery Appropriate?

When is band aid plastic surgery appropriate?Plastic surgery can provide results from very dramatic to very subtle depending on a patient’s desires, but I’ve noticed many patients do not really want (or need) dramatic plastic surgery results. Back in 1997, I developed the original Band Aid Facelift (a “mini” version of the traditional facelift) with these particular patients in mind. Since then, I’ve refined other traditional cosmetic procedures to offer Band Aid Blepharoplasty, Band Aid Brow Lift, Band Aid Tummy Tuck, and Band Aid Liposuction. I chose the name “Band Aid” because the nature of my technique doesn’t require surgical dressings like the traditional procedures. In fact, Band Aid procedures are performed in office under local anesthesia and have a significantly shorter recovery time than the traditional procedures. Although Band Aid procedures are appealing, there is an appropriate and inappropriate application for them.

First, let’s discuss the appropriate times for Band Aid procedures. My Band Aid procedures were designed as minimally invasive versions of traditional plastic surgery procedures for patients who desire plastic surgery, but are not in need of a full procedure. For instance, some patients are troubled by their early signs of aging, although these signs of aging are not prominent enough to need a traditional facelift. These patients are perfect candidates for the Band Aid Facelift. The “mini” procedure is minimally invasive, making only local anesthesia necessary.

Everyone ages differently, and a full facelift is not always necessary. Some people age first around their brow, while others initially show aging around their eyes or mouth. Patients who are just beginning to notice signs of aging on their brow (i.e.- fine lines, sagging skin/brows, wrinkles) may benefit from Band Aid Brow Lift. Similarly, patients who notice early signs of aging around their eyes (i.e.- fat pockets, drooping or hooded eyelids) can benefit from Band Aid Blepharoplasty, minimally invasive eyelid surgery.

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that addresses issues such as loose abdominal skin caused by pregnancy or weight loss to provide a tighter, flatter-looking abdomen. Patients who are at a healthy weight and only have a small amount of excess abdominal tissue can benefit from a Band Aid Tummy Tuck. I also offer Band Aid Liposuction to patients who have small amounts of diet and exercise resistant fat. However, there is an appropriate and inappropriate time for this Band Aid Procedure. Certain areas of the body have more nerve endings than others, so I cannot perform the procedure with only local anesthesia in these areas without compromising patient comfort. Band Aid Liposuction is suitable for small amounts of fat in the abdomen, hips, “saddlebags,” behind elbows, knees, and under the chin. Women who have had children and only have small areas or excess fat and abdominal tissue may choose to combine Band Aid Tummy Tuck and Band Aid Liposuction for a minimally invasive mommy makeover surgery, with the exception of a breast procedure.

Breast procedures do not make good Band Aid procedures. While some surgeons perform “awake breast augmentation” (a “mini” breast enhancement with only local anesthesia), I do not. Due to the intricacy of breast augmentation surgery, it is best performed under general anesthesia to protect patients from unnecessary mental and physical stress. Likewise, I do not perform breast reduction or breast lift under only local anesthesia. I also would not perform rhinoplasty under local anesthesia for the same reasons.

For more information about the Atlanta plastic surgery procedures I perform, or to find out if you are a candidate for one of my original Band Aid procedures, visit my website or schedule a consultation. Be sure to find me on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on plastic surgery news.

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