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When Should I Have Breast Reduction?

Everyone’s opinion of the ideal breast size is different.  While aesthetic ideals differ, there are physical drawbacks to overly large breasts including the inability to find clothes that fit properly and difficulty exercising or completing everyday activities.   A clinical condition known as macromastia, Dr. John LeRoy performs breast reduction surgery to eliminate excess skin and breast tissue contributing to physical and aesthetic complaints.

Both men and women can have breast reduction surgery to produce a more proportional breast size; although, the surgical techniques are slightly different between male breast reduction and female breast reduction.  The condition of overly developed breasts in men, known as gynecomastia, is addressed typically through liposuction of excess fat of the chest and surgical excision of the tougher glandular tissue contributing to an overly feminine appearance.breast-reduction-atlanta-georgia

Female breast reduction is typically performed by making an incision around the nipple, down the lower breast, and into the breast crease to form an anchor shape through which Dr. LeRoy can remove the excess breast tissue and tighten remaining skin to reduce breast volume.  For many women, the physical symptoms of overly large breasts include shoulder and neck pain, persistent skin irritation from bra rubbing, and droopy breasts prompt them to pursue breast reduction.

Dr. LeRoy always encourages prospective breast reduction patients to speak candidly about their expectations during their consultation and pre-op before undergoing surgery as breast reduction does have limitations. Though reducing the size of one’s breasts will improve their overall proportion with the rest of the patient’s body, a combination of breast procedures such as breast reduction with a breast lift may be desired if position and volume need to be further addressed.

A misconception about breast reduction surgery is that all insurance companies will pay for the procedure.  This is not the case; while select policies do cover breast reduction if specific criteria are met, most of the time elective plastic procedures are not covered by insurance.  To help patients reach their cosmetic goals, Dr. LeRoy accepts a variety of payment options and also has plastic surgery financing through CareCredit® available for his patients.

To learn more about breast reduction and the other cosmetic breast surgery options Dr. LeRoy offers, visit his website or schedule a consultation today.  If you haven’t already, connect with Dr. LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for the latest cosmetic surgery news.

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