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Lipo and Tummy Tuck: What’s the Difference?

While a tummy that looks like a bowl full of jelly is a jolly thought when it comes to Santa, areas of fat and loose skin contributing to the appearance of a soft middle is typically unpleasant to the rest of us.    Many cosmetic surgery patients turn to Dr. John LeRoy’s body contouring procedures like tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and liposuction to reshape their mid sections and restore a more youthful physique; however, most patient don’t understand that unwanted fat and loose skin and muscle of the abdomen cannot be alleviated the same way for everyone.tummy tuck liposuction atlanta

Though not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise, liposuction can remove isolated areas of excess subcutaneous fat.  Using small incision(s) (typically less than .5” wide) a hollow metal tube known as a cannula is inserted to retrieve and remove deposits of fat trapped underneath the skin of the abdomen and flanks.  To facilitate fat removal during tumescent liposuction, Dr. LeRoy injects tumescent fluid (a custom solution of local anesthetic and saline) to minimize pain and bleeding.

To address sagging skin from age, weight fluctuation, or pregnancy, Dr. LeRoy often recommends tummy tuck surgery to patients.  Similar to the technique of a facelift, Dr. LeRoy excises the loose skin and retightens the underlying muscles to restore a smoother, flatter abdominal appearance.  Where liposuction is designed to address fat, tummy tuck is used to target muscle and skin.  If the situation warrants, Dr. LeRoy may recommend that the procedures be performed in combination.  This is often the case in younger women seeking to alleviate both excess fat and unwanted skin during mommy makeover surgery.

With over 20 years performing plastic surgery in Atlanta, Dr. LeRoy always tells patients that body contouring is not the same for everyone, “Just as everyone has their own natural shape, the body contouring procedures used to restore that shape will be unique for each patient,” says LeRoy.

It’s therefore vital that you seek the guidance of an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon if you’re contemplating a body sculpting procedure to ensure your unique needs are met.  In some instances, mini versions of these body contouring procedures like Band Aid Liposuction or mini tummy tuck, may be used to remedy very small amounts of excess skin and fat.

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