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Creators of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Refuse to Cast Actresses with Breast Implants

Plastic surgery is relatively common now, and it seems like everyone in Hollywood has had a cosmetic procedure. However, Entertainment Weekly published an article stating that Disney refused to cast women who had breast enhancement surgery in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 because the look was historically inaccurate. The casting sheet explicitly stated not to even audition if you’d received breast implants. Casting associates said they did not want anything to take away from the movie. If the cosmetic procedure had been done well and was not obvious, there was no issue. Creators of historically based movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean 4, face dilemmas with aesthetic issues other than just plastic surgery; they also have to be careful about hair highlights, overly toned bodies, and tattoos.

It’s understandable that casting associates do not desire hiring actors who do not historically fit the part because of obvious plastic surgery.  However, it is hard to imagine that Disney producers could fully cast actors who’ve never had cosmetic surgery, but there is a chance that some actors slid by without having to admit their physical alterations. While cosmetic surgery is meant to change appearance, it does not have to look over done. Plastic surgery results, and even breast augmentation procedures, can be subtle. Before a plastic surgery procedure, Dr. LeRoy consults with his patients about their expected outcomes and their desired results.

Dr. John LeRoy is renowned for his subtle Band Aid procedures such as the Band Aid Facelift procedures and Band Aid Liposuction. While Dr. LeRoy has not coined a “Band Aid” breast procedure, he is highly practiced in subtlety. Unless the patient desires a dramatic plastic surgery result, Dr. LeRoy will perform the most minimal procedure possible to obtain the desired results.

Subtlety depends upon the plastic  surgeon, the type of cosmetic surgery, and the extent of the cosmetic procedure. For instance, if you go from an A cup to a D cup in breast implant size, it won’t look as subtle as if you only increase a size or two. To ensure a more natural looking result, be sure to discuss concerns and expectations with your board certified plastic surgeon at your consultation. With today’s advanced technologies, surgeons can easily hide scars and make results look seamless. For more information on plastic surgery news and plastic surgery results, visit Dr. LeRoy’s website, and continue to read his blog.

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